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WANTED: A dynamic …

                                    WANTED: A dynamic, high-profile celebrity  To do for ME/CFS what Elizabeth Taylor did for AIDS, what Jerry Lewis did for muscular dystrophy, and what Michael J. … Continue reading

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How to Regain Control of Your LIfe

This post is for Evelyn Metts (and others) who wrote me about her 26-year-old son who has just been diagnosed with ME  (or CFS). She asked how people could regain control of their lives considering there is no cure for … Continue reading

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What’s it like to live with ME/CFS?

Has anyone ever asked you what it’s like to live with ME/CFS? Most people think you’re just ‘tired’ or ‘anxious’. Just like the HR person in charge of disability claims at my workplace said to me, “I don’t want you … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Sign the Petition

Kati says it’s almost time to deliver the petition to the Canadian Minister of Health, so if  you haven’t signed it yet please click here .   Also, don’t forget to share this petition with family and friends on Facebook and … Continue reading

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AIDS and ME/CFS: stories with two different outcomes

I recently read a very interesting and comprehensive article about why the stories of AIDS and ME/CFS have different outcomes. Articles like this are usually written by someone in the ME/CFS community, someone who is directly or indirectly affected by … Continue reading

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Judy Mikovits Arrested Last Friday

At the end of September we learned that Dr. Judy Mikovits was fired from her post as research director at the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease (WPI) in Reno, Nevada. Then we found out that Mikovits was accused of … Continue reading

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Beautiful Article by Columnist Llewellyn King

Nationally syndicated columnist and author Llewellyn King has been writing for newspapers for over 50 years. King is executive producer and host of “White House Chronicle” on PBS. Lately, King has been writing about the plight of ME/CFS sufferers. He says in 2010 he … Continue reading

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