Have You Taken the ME/CFS Family Survey?

Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones and Dr. Michael Snyderman are trying to find out what percentage of ME/CFS patients have family members, by marriage or blood, with ME/CFS or other neuroimmune diseases.

Dr. Deckoff-Jones has recently accepted the position of Director of Clinical Services for the Center of Neuro-Immune Disease at the WPI. She has been posting important information about this treatment center in her blog . Dr Deckoff-Jones and her daughter Ali both have ME/CFS. They blog about their treatment with antiretrovirals here: The lessons of HIV and HAART

Dr. Michael Snyderman, an oncologist at the State University of New York at Buffalo, has ME/CFS and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), one of the cancers that’s relatively common in CFS patients.

Even if you have no other affected family members, the two doctors are asking all of those affected with ME/CFS to take part in the survey.

To participate in the survey/informal study simply click here .

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