President Obama Lives Up to His Promise

On April 21, 2011 I posted about a town hall meeting in which President Obama promised Courtney Miller to look into ME/CFS research at the NIH.

Courtney Miller- Reno, Nevada Town Hall Meeting April 21, 2011

Today, Cort Johnson of Phoenix Rising reports that, in a letter addressed to Courtney Miller last July 25, President Obama asked his Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, Nancy-Ann DeParle, to “stay in touch with Dr. Collins at NIH and Dr. Koh at HHS about my interest in their efforts on CFS.”

Cort Johnson notes that this is the first time the Deputy Chief of Staff was ever asked to follow up at the Department of Health and Human Services on a specific disease.

Cort suggests we all to write a thank you letter to President Obama because it’s “important that the President know that many patients and their families are affected by CFS and that we are grateful for his efforts.”

To read Cort Johnson’s full report and the letter from President Obama to Courtney Miller, click here.

You can also read Llewellyn King’s column related to this topic here.

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2 Responses to President Obama Lives Up to His Promise

  1. Julia says:

    Very, very cool.
    Can we send a thank you letter if we are not American?

  2. Fatima says:

    Hi Julia,
    I don’t think it matters where you are from. What’s important, as Cort said, is that we all show the President that many of us are affected by this illness.
    Thanks for visiting.

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