How to Regain Control of Your LIfe

This post is for Evelyn Metts (and others) who wrote me about her 26-year-old son who has just been diagnosed with ME  (or CFS). She asked how people could regain control of their lives considering there is no cure for ME. I suggested a few things for her son to try, but Giles Meehan’s advice in the video below is much more wide-ranging.

The video contains an overview of the ten main areas to look at for the treatment of ME, which are the things that have really helped me and many others cope with this illness.

Giles says that, since there are many different triggers, predispositions, symptoms and even causes of ME, different people can respond differently to the same treatments. So he recommends using a planned approach to implement some of the main suggestions, and then try other treatments or “bits of the jigsaw”, as he puts it. He also emphasizes how important it is to give a treatment the time to take effect.

Overall, really good advice and an excellent video.

Here are the ten main areas Giles suggests we look at for the treatment of ME:

  1. Rest (sleep, gentle exercise, pacing within limits, but GET and CBT don’t help with ME)
  2. Good food and nutrition (lots of suggestions)
  3. Support mitochondria (which make energy in our cells)
  4. Detox (cut down on and try to avoid a number of products)
  5. Chiropractic, acupressure and reflexology therapies, pain control
  6. Hormones (thyroid problems, the pill and HRT)
  7. Circulation (blood circulation or heart problems, POTS, beta blockers)
  8. Emotions and Life (life difficulties affecting us)
  9. Immune System (improve the body’s antioxidant status to help the immune system and detoxification)
  10. Medicine (a number of pharmaceuticals and even some herbs that may help)

For Giles Meehan’s website click here.

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2 Responses to How to Regain Control of Your LIfe

  1. George says:

    Thank you for posting this. Very informative.

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