Beautiful Article by Columnist Llewellyn King

Nationally syndicated columnist and author Llewellyn King has been writing for newspapers for over 50 years. King is executive producer and host of “White House Chronicle” on PBS.

Lately, King has been writing about the plight of ME/CFS sufferers. He says in 2010 he made more friends than in all of his life simply because he has taken up the cause of his ME/CFS-afflicted readers who have been sending him their disheartening stories.

In his latest article Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Misnamed, Misdiagnosed, Misunderstood King captures the history and nature of this illness. He writes in such a compassionate manner that many of his readers were inspired to leave comments in praise of his considerate style:

  • “Your humanity has shone through.”
  • “Thanks for recognising and reporting the desperate situation we are in Llewellyn. Clarity like yours helps to refute the ignorance which has long been the bane of human existence and in the long run helps everyone come to terms with this serious disease which can affect anyone.”
  • “The media is awash with those writing on the subject whilst being clearly lacking in either education around the nature of the illness or respect for those whose lives are placed on hold due to it.”
  • “Congratulations! This is the first article in the media that has no mistakes and tells it how it really is! I thought I’d never see such accurate and compassionate coverage in my lifetime.”

Clearly, Llewellyn King has had an indelible impact on his readers, and vice versa. He describes the human suffering of those affected as “incalculable in its awful impact.” In 50 years, he says, he has never received so much mail that “has so consumed the thought process and torn at the heart.”

To read Llewellyn King’s White House Chronicle articles on the subject of ME/CFS, just follow the links below:

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