Andrew McGorrian’s ‘mis-treatment’ in Hawaii

According to Dr. Jamie Deckoff Jones’ June 23 blog post, Andrew McGorrian was responding very well to the treatment he was getting at her clinic in Hawaii. She reported that he was doing “brilliantly” and that ”what has happened so far is very encouraging and bodes well for Andrew to have an improved quality of life going forward, using the gentlest of treatments.”

It seemed like good news, so on June 26th I decided to post an update on Andrew’s condition. A few weeks later Jacqueline McGorrian McMurdie wrote me, wanting the “truth to be shared’:

Hello Im Andrews Mum we are sorry to inform you all that Dr Jamies treatment did not take affect on Andrew. He was given medication prescribed to the doctor herself and this was totally unacceptable. Blood tests werent complete when she said Andrew was to have an IV outside the enviroment of a sterile hospital. We said no to this as we would not take such a risk with a young sick child. Andrew continued to sleep not as long but for short intervals for an hour or so and we were told these were cap naps and didnt need to be mentioned but i believe in the truth to be shared as it will help others decide on a course of treatment. We have listen to a lot of people who have tried so many treatments and we thought it would help our son get a better quality of life but it didnt work for him and we are so disappointed with that outcome.

On August 1st, 2012, Jacqueline issued a public statement about her son’s treatment in Hawaii, “to let the public know in detail what happened, both to tell my side of the story and to provide full information to those considering treatment by Dr. Deckoff-Jones in the future”. To read the statement follow this link: Summary of Treatment by Dr. Jamie-Deckoff Jones, M.D.interview by Lisa Petrison.

It’s very unfortunate that Andrew and his mom had to go through such an ordeal.

Jacqueline has started a new blog, Hope for Andrew, for public discussion, comments and questions concerning her family’s involvement with Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones and Little Acorns.

Jamie Deckoff-Jones wrote another blog post on this topic just a few days ago: Reply to Jacqueline McGorrian McMurdie and Lisa Petrison

On a more positive note, I hear that Andrew has now found a new treatment plan. We all wish him well!

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7 Responses to Andrew McGorrian’s ‘mis-treatment’ in Hawaii

  1. Sandie says:

    Poor little boy in the middle of all this! This family went to Hawaii from Ireland to seek hope and treatment for a very sick child and this is the kind of treatment they get from a doctor in America? A doctor who doesn’t seem to have much patience for children and telling the boy that she isn’t child-friendly? What an appalling story! Good for you Jacqueline for speaking out.

  2. Finn says:

    The other people involved say this is not accurate. Andrew is improving.

    • Fatima says:

      Hi Finn,
      I too heard that he is on a new treatment plan and doing well, as stated in my post- last line. What exactly is not accurate, though?

      • Finn says:

        Well it is said that not all his medical information was given to Dr Deckoff-Jones, and that Andrew may not have ME. The ME Alliance because of these events are not allowing the mother to now be a member, according to the mum. The doctor doesn’t say she doesn’t work with children but that it makes her sicker because they are demanding. I am grateful that this doctor as an ME patient is offering real treatment to patients, even if this lad was later found to perhaps not have ME but another neurological disease.

  3. Fatima says:

    Hi again Finn,
    I have heard the same thing about Andrew- that he may not have ME after all- and I’ve just sent a message to his mom on her blog asking her if she could elaborate on her son’s state of health.
    Nevertheless, whether or not Andrew has ME is irrelevant to the way she and her son were treated in Hawaii by an American physician. The whole ordeal just astounds me-
    Andrew’s family may now be finding out that Andrew has something other than ME. If so, I really hope it’s a very treatable condition.

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