Don’t Forget to Sign the Petition

Kati says it’s almost time to deliver the petition to the Canadian Minister of Health, so if
 you haven’t signed it yet please click here .  

Also, don’t forget to share this petition with family and friends on Facebook and other social media.

Here’s a message from the petition organizer, Kati Debelic in Port Moody, British Columbia:

In the light of the Harper government funding 100 million $ for brain research, but mentioning most diseases that would benefit but not ME or fibromyalgia.

And in the light of a recent paper suggesting that Ontario rheumatologists were thinking of dropping fibromyalgia as part of the diseases they treat (they feel GP’s can now take care of them just as well), 

I feel that this petition is very relevant to tell the Canadian government that it is not ok to sweep us under the carpet (once more) and to start contributing to international research and start educating our physicians on the severity and the neglect of our illness.

I have been invited to an interview for a radio show called DisRespect (from Hamilton, Ont) and we will mention this petition so I will wait a week or 2 before handing it out to maximize the number of signatures.

Thank you to all for signing and for your efforts in sharing this very important petition.


Posted By Kati Debelic Petition Organizer on May 08, 2012
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