New Clinic Needs Your Vote

The Aviva Community Fund competition has returned with another $1 million to encourage Canadians to lead, empower and support community initiatives across the country.

The Aviva Community Fund enables groups or individuals to submit a community initiative for funding. Launched in the fall of 2009, the competition has already provided over $2.5 million in funding to 31 charities and community groups, including youth programs, animal shelters, public schools, camps and centres for those affected by disabilities or illness.

This year, Kati Debelic has decided to be actively involved in the Aviva Community Fund. The idea she submitted is to help provide funding to help furnish a new Complex Chronic Diseases Clinic in Vancouver with much-needed medical equipment. The clinic will be opening its doors in 2013 in Vancouver, with Dr. Alison Bested as its medical director. Dr. Bested is a a hematological pathologist specializing in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

There are two ways to vote:

  1. To vote on the Aviva website, click here.
  2. To vote on Facebook, “like” the Aviva Community Fund  then click on the yellow button. Click here.

Note: You can vote every day from October 1st to October 15th.

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One Response to New Clinic Needs Your Vote

  1. silver says:

    With the website now accepting 2010 submissions, Canadians are encouraged to visit the competition at and submit their ideas for positive change today. To start the process, entrants simply write a brief overview of their idea and identify whether it’s a Small Idea (under $25,000), a Medium Idea ($25,000-$100,000) or a Big Idea ($100,000-$500,000). Entrants can upload images and videos to help other Canadians connect with their idea and vote for their cause. The most popular entries will qualify for funding and Aviva will ensure the best ideas receive the financial and practical help they need to get off the ground.

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