Update on Andrew McGorrian

Last May I posted about a little boy named Andrew McGorrian in Northern Ireland with severe ME/CFS whose family and friends were trying to raise money for treatment in the United States with Dr. Jamie Deckoff-Jones.

I am happy to report that Andrew, who has been in treatment for a few weeks now,  has been improving. After three years of being completely bedridden Andrew is now awake for 9-10 hours a day, instead of 4.    

Dr. Jamie reports that he is doing “brilliantly” and that “what has happened so far is very encouraging and bodes well for Andrew to have an improved quality of life going forward, using the gentlest of treatments.”

To read Dr. Jamie’s blogpost click here.

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2 Responses to Update on Andrew McGorrian

  1. Jacqueline Mc Gorrian Mc Murdie says:

    Hello Im Andrews Mum we are sorry to inform you all that Dr Jamies treatment did not take affect on Andrew. He was given medication prescribed to the doctor herself and this was totally unacceptable. Blood tests werent complete when she said Andrew was to have an IV outside the enviroment of a sterile hospital. We said no to this as we would not take such a risk with a young sick child. Andrew continued to sleep not as long but for short intervals for an hour or so and we were told these were cap naps and didnt need to be mentioned but i believe in the truth to be shared as it will help others decide on a course of treatment. We have listen to a lot of people who have tried so many treatments and we thought it would help our son get a better quality of life but it didnt work for him and we are so disappointed with that outcome

    • Fatima says:

      Hi Jacqueline,
      Thank you for the update.
      I am really sorry to hear that Andrew’s treatment did not go as hoped. I thought Dr. Jamie would be able to help him. Don’t give up, though. Andrew is very young and there is a lot we still don’t know about CFS.
      All the best,

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