Nice to get away

We just got back from the country for a little R&R away from the urban jungle. We went to the Laurentians, just an hour’s drive from Montreal.

The Laurentians region, or Les Laurentides in French, is famous for its gentle rolling mountains, crystal blue lakes, meandering rivers, great resorts and quaint towns and villages that draw vacationers all year round in search of clean air and lots of ‘elbowroom’.

We stayed in a rustic little cottage without TV and Internet connection, and forgot about the bustling city for a little while. The kids loved it and the dog was in heaven.

Here are a few pics …

Our dog seemed to really appreciate being off the leash…

Kids and water go together like spaghetti and meatballs,

… or ham and cheese!

Lots of beautiful wildflowers everywhere!

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2 Responses to Nice to get away

  1. Julia says:

    Wonderful shots. I’ve been to the laurentians many times. I learned how to ski at tremblant before it became the luxury resort it is now. We used to go on trips almost every weekend. The problem with going on vacation with the kids is that we’d come back more tired than when we left!
    Hope you enjoyed yourself!

    • Fatima says:

      True, great place to ski. I agree with you- we often feel we need a vacation when we return home from a trip (or at least a few days’ rest!).
      Thanks for your comment.

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