Mayo Clinic Publishes Study on the Amygdala Retraining Technique

A recently published study concludes that the amygdala retraining technique may be an effective treatment for ME/CFS and FM.

The Amygdala Retraining program was developed by researcher and therapist, Ashok Gupta. It is based on brain plasticity and employs the power of the mind to heal the body using techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). For more information on brain plasticity and NLP click here.

Researchers concluded participants using amygdala retraining demonstrated “statistically significant improvements in scores for physical health, energy, pain, symptom distress, and fatigue” compared with those in standard care.

It’s important to note this is a small study. Of the 44 randomly selected patients only 21 participants completed the study: 7 used amygdala retraining and 14 got standard care.

Despite the “statistically significant improved scores” in patients who were on amygdala retraining, this finding suggests that larger studies are warranted in order to further validate the efficacy of such a technique.

What about you? Have you ever used a brain-training technique to help improve your ME/CFS or FM symptoms?

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