My Virtual Arsenal

This morning I was reading Laurel’s  latest blogpost and I was reminded about what I appreciate in my own life, my own ‘candles’, as she puts it. Whether or not we are ill, we all have difficult moments and setbacks in life. And taking a look at what we love dearly, enjoy doing or have fond memories of will put a smile on our face and help get us through challenging times.

So I decided to create an album into which I will be adding my own candles. It’s a kind of scrapbook- not the traditional kind but the virtual sort.

The idea of fiddling with scissors and pictures for hours on end makes me want to break out in hives. That’s why I decided to put together a virtual collection of my pictures, videos, audio, and even text- a compilation of my life’s small and large candles. I won’t be needing any paper or glue or tiny bits and pieces that get lost and stuck to my elbow!

I’ll be able to peruse my candles anytime and from anywhere with my computer or cell phone.

When I start feeling blue or disheartened about my condition (or about life in general), my virtual arsenal will help me focus on the things I appreciate and can do, instead of what I cannot do anymore.

Thanks Laurel! I needed that reminder.

What’s in your virtual arsenal?

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2 Responses to My Virtual Arsenal

  1. Glennis says:

    Lovely post Fatima.
    What I really cherish is the people who look after me. I am basically housebound and cannot do very much. My family and friends do everything for me, groceries, cleaning, cooking, taking me to appointmnts, and much more. I cherish these individuals for I would not be able to manage without them. They are what makes my life worth living. When I am feeling out of sorts their presence always helps brighten my day.
    God bless.

    • Fatima says:

      Hi Glennis,
      You’re so right. Many of us with ME/CFS need the help of others on a daily basis. Where would we be without them? They are our most treasured ‘candles’.
      Take care,

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