Dr. Mikovits fired by the WPI

On September 29, Dr. Judy Mikovits was fired from her job as research director of the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease (WPI), a private organization in Reno, Nevada, devoted to CFS research and treatment.

With the discovery of XMRV Dr. Mikovits helped bring enthusiasm for and interest in the ME/CFS field. Working in a major NIH lab Dr. Mikovits had the perfect credentials for the job. She had become an ardent advocate of the very controversial ME/CFS field of research.

Dr. Mikovits has always believed that XMRV or HGRV’s are present in ME/CFS and she has her supporters, notably Dr. Ruscetti. Everyone’s waiting for the Lipkin study, so the XMRV/HGRV story is not over. The questions is now, how will she continue the work? Will another researcher take her place at the WPI ? Most likely.

In a lengthy comment she posted on XRx on October 4, Annette Whittemore (WPI CEO) says that she will continue to do all that she can to keep the WPI team “stay focused and move forward, building on the progress that the organization has already made in science and advocacy.”

To view the October 3 WSJ article by Amy Dockser Marcus click here.

To view the October 4 article in Science Insider click here.

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