UK Professor Simon Wessley Angers ME/CFS Patients

Professor Simon Wessley wonders why people are angry with him when he says that ME/CFS  patients would rather have an incurable retrovirus than admit that they are mentally ill. This was reported by UK science correspondent Tom Feilden on the BBC Radio 4 Today Program (see link below).

Dr. Wessley, we are not mentally ill and we’ve had enough of your so-called ‘help’. Every chronic and devastating illness has a psychological component, including ME/CFS; however, you neglect to recognize that there is a biological basis for this illness.

Views like Dr. Wessley’s only deny ME/CFS patients what is deservedly theirs: proper disability coverage, basic medical support and understanding, effective rehabilitation programs and, yes, adequate psychiatric care.

It is unfortunate Dr. Wessley has suffered this “torrent of abuse” but I suppose it’s the price he has to pay for touting his beliefs.

UK Professor Malcolm Hooper criticizes Tom Feilden’s report, saying that it fails “to exercise the requisite journalistic neutrality” and tells him he “would do well to investigate the reasons why people with ME are so angry by checking the easily verifiable facts and then to redress the balance by reporting with equal enthusiasm the other side of the battleground .”

To read Tom Feilden’s July 29 article and listen to the BBC Radio 4 Today program interviews click here.

To read UK Professor Malcolm Hooper’s response to Tom Feilden’s report and to Professor Wessley’s complaints click here.

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