Two Powerful Testimonials at the NIH State of Knowledge Conference on ME/CFS

The State of Knowledge Conference is expected to highlight what the biggest medical research funder in the world, the NIH, considers worth researching in ME/CFS. It is also supposed to be the basis for an sizeable grant for research into the illness. The two-day conference just ended. It was available to the public at large through video cast.

Two gripping presenters, Pat Fero and Mary Schweitzer, made articulate and very moving presentations on ME/CFS. The two women were selected from a list of suggestions from the ME/CFS community and chosen by Dr. Mangan.

Very poignantly, Mary Schweitzer explains how her 30-year-old daughter now has the illness, and she hopes her 7-year-old granddaughter doesn’t end up with it as well. She then addresses “Washington D.C.” saying:

This is a contagious disease… This is a terrible disease. This disease attacks children. This disease has killed people’s children. Washington D.C., what part of serious do you not understand? What part of urgent do you not understand? … Diseases know no boundaries between class and education and anything else. And anyone in this room can end up with what I have. And so can your children. If you don’t put a stop to this, that is what will happen!”

Pat Fero’s presentation was a little more technical, but just as compelling.

Mary Schweitzer’s presentation part 2 (above)

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