After Being Brought Back to Life With Antivirals Author Writes About a Tale of a System Gone Amiss

Caroline T. Anderson was ‘brought back to life’ this year with the use of antivirals. After her recovery she embarked on a quest for long-awaited answers.

She discovered the ugly truth about ME/CFS : that politics, money and bureaucracy are not only responsible for propagating the myths about this illness but also for spreading a contagious retrovirus- XMRV- which may prove to engender the largest epidemic ever.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Novel is a portrayal of a small community’s fight for health and justice in the face of a ‘mysterious disorder’.

Cort Johnson of  Phoenix Rising highly recommends it, stating that it “is an eye-opening entree for the uninitiated, and a rousing read for those in the know.”

In her website the author states that Caroline T. Anderson isn’t her real name. It’s just a pen name which she is using in order not to create a conflict with her work on ME/CFS,  and her career as a journalist.  The people she works with think she’s gone berserk with her obsession with ME/CFS. She believes she needed to find a unique way to help dispel the prejudice and educate people about this disabling illness.

Writing a novel about the power of determined people to challenge injustices that have been perpetuated against individuals with an unexplained illness is certainly an exceptional and unparalleled way to help raise awareness for ME/CFS.

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