NATURE Publishes an Article on the Scientific Debate Over XMRV

Nature International weekly journal of science- the second most read science journal in the world, has just published a lengthy article dealing with the scientific debate over XMRV.

It’s a very comprehensive article portraying Dr. Mikovits as someone who is committed to her patients and vice versa. We also learn that a replication study by Dr. Levy is under way.

To a layperson like myself this article seemed fairly balanced; however, the comments posted so far are quite scathing. One person calls it a “lousy” article and another asks why the author does not understand the difference between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the illness, and “chronic fatigue” a symptom associated with many illnesses. Nevertheless, the article does provide us with a good summary of events since the discovery of the new retrovirus.

Click on the following link to read the article:  Virology: Fighting for a Cause


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