New teaser for WHAT ABOUT ME makes for great drama

There’s a new teaser/trailer for the feature documentary WHAT ABOUT ME  which is expected to be released in 2012. The film’s director, Geoffrey Smith, juxtaposes the plight of ME/CFS sufferers against political pushback.

The conceivably infectious nature of XMRV, the new human retrovirus that has been linked not only to ME/CFS but also to cancer, is making many groups nervous. In their December 22, 2010 interview with Nevada Newsmakers, Annette Whittemore and Dr. Judy Mikovits state that if  the results of the 2009 Science paper hold true, as many as 20 million Americans could be infected with XMRV. That’s 20 times more than the HIV epidemic in 1995. There’s great public health concern and that’s why everything that’s published on XMRV gets a lot of attention.

All this drama clearly demonstrates that there certainly is a lot of politics in medicine and science. Whenever there’s money, power, prestige, and change there’s going to be a lot of interest. Various groups/organizations such as the pharmaceutical industry, insurance and disability companies and government-run health-care systems have a stake in this. The discovery of this new retrovirus is going to create a massive change in the way ME/CFS sufferers are treated and it’s going to cost.

Dr. Mikovits says she is not discouraged by all of this controversy because “the best science generates more questions than answers and that’s certainly what’s happened here.”

I urge you to watch this very poignant and engrossing trailer:


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