Journalist, Author and Screenwriter John Falk Comes “Out of the Closet” at the Huffington Post

While on assignment for the National Geographic in the Congo a few years ago John Falk picked up a virus and fell ill.

Until recently, John Falk has only told his family about his “breakdown in health, vitality, and cognition” that started in May of 2007.

He admits he’s a textbook case of someone with ME/CFS- “a syndrome I sniffed at until it happened to me”. Falk decided to open up about his illness because, as he says, “living a lie is self-defeating.”

This is someone who seems to be open to any kind of therapy in order to get better- “Anything to help is my motto.” However, he does admit that it’s been difficult to get help from doctors because they are still very much ignorant about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. And the only real help and understanding he’s received has been from those who know people with ME/CFS- “It seems in this era only they know the devastating truth and take you at your word that you’re sick, not sick in the head.”

Falk said he decided to speak out about ME/CFS because “someone has to start owning this syndrome in public. The more people who fess up to having it — and there are many more who have it than let on — the better off we all will be in the end.”

John Falk’s article provides us with a unique opportunity to get ME/CFS the publicity it needs- the right kind. He’s a gifted writer who will be able to attract outside people into the ME/CFS community. By the way, his article has generated 318 comments so far.

If you want to read John Falk’s March 1, 2011 article, click on the following link:


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